Like fashion, wedding floral trends come and go. We have all been drawn to them—vintage inspired, rustic barn chic, ombre colors, coral colored peonies, flower walls, and over-sized bouquets. Many of us closely follow the Pantone color release of the year and fashion weeks around the world trying to discover what's in now. We save hundreds of images on our Pinterest boards and get inspiration from what's trending on Instagram. The result? A picture perfect wedding that feels like it just might be someone else's. 

When it comes to your special day, the aesthetic of your wedding flowers and decor should reflect who you are—your style, your personality, and your best wish for the brand new life you're about to begin. Your flowers should make you feel comfortable; they should be blooms and designs that you may use to decorate your home. You should incorporate your favorite colors to your floral arrangements and table linens, or find a lovely flower with a meaning that is special to you and your groom. If you are an outdoors person, you could bring in wood textures; don't be afraid to pull in some quirkiness in the design if that's who you are.

Choose these elements carefully and incorporate them with the entire day and event in mind to create a look that will stand the test of time. I believe you should strive for a look that you will still love, or at least cherish and smile at, 20 years later when you flip through your wedding album. 

Kate Middleton chose flowers because of their special meanings. She carried lily of the valley to symbolize the return of happiness; Sweet William for gallantry; hyacinths for constancy of love; and ivy for fidelity, marriage, friendship and affection. I love how the bouquet complimented her figure and dress really well. It was so lovely, like a delicate piece of jewelry that she carried with her down the aisle. 


Whitney Port's wedding style matches her "California girl" roots—a fern-decorated hair knot and a bridal bouquet made of Blushing Bride Proteas, with an entire ceremony decorated with similar ferns and tropical plants. Everything is personal, simple, thoughtful and works well together.