Video: Store-bought tulips with a creative twist


Tulips, hyacinth, narcissist, freesia... a rainbow color of spring bulbs are easily accessible this time of the year at your local market. These cut flowers instantly brighten up homes and lighten up our hearts with the notion that spring is just around corner. Instead of simply adding them to a vase, try adding some creative twist to the container and create your own simple, yet fun, design. The following video provides one idea, and hopefully a bit of inspiration.   


  • Clear vase of any shape
  • Clear tubes
  • Cotton twine
  • Single color tulips 


  • Tulips continue to grow after cut, so trim them a bit shorter and watch them grow.
  • Vary the height a little to create a natural look and provide space for them to open. 
  • Single color works better in this arrangement, but any color will do! 
  • Be sure to select materials that compliment the color of the tulips (I used a simple green and white cotton twine). 
  • Make sure to check and add water to the tubes frequently because tulips drink fast!

Have fun!