Everyone Welcome: The Story Behind Our Name

The origins of the word Athabold go back to the 10th century. While it comes from my husband's Icelandic heritage, it's meaning spoke to me as someone living far from home.

Dan says that as a child, he learned the word meant "everyone welcome." It was a symbol of kinship and hospitality that his immigrant ancestor hung on a sign at his door, alerting others that they could stay there while building their own homes in this new world.

We've since learned that the exact spelling and meaning evolved over the years. Aðalból first appears in the Icelandic Sagas as the name given to a property to mean "the main place" or "noble home." But I can only imagine that for anyone having made the long, cold voyage over the Atlantic, across Canada, then down to a small island in northern Wisconsin, this word from the old country was a "welcome" sight.

During our transition from New York City's West Village to the Hudson Valley, Athabold seemed like the perfect name for our farm property and my evolving design studio.

The image here shows the ruins of what became known to locals as the "Icelandic Castle" on Washington Island, WI.

The image here shows the ruins of what became known to locals as the "Icelandic Castle" on Washington Island, WI.

To us, Athabold means a lot of things. It reminds us of family, our diverse backgrounds, and why we decided to do this in the first place. It also serves as a guide for what I offer and how I want to work with others—with a sense of openness, collaboration, and a bit of adventure. 

I believe flowers are about an experience. They are something you see, smell and feel. They welcome people to a room or an event, and can provide an important element of personality and uniqueness to any space.

At Athabold, I strive to work with clients who are looking to do something special. Our work together should be fun, challenging, and even inspirational. Whether it's your wedding, décor for your home, or a gift for someone else, we want to create a final experience that is warm, welcoming, and truly wonderful.

In a time when tech platforms, social media and busy schedules sometimes get in the way of good customer service, this name also reminds us of the importance of real human interactions in a business like this. To create the floral experience that's right for you, you need a designer who will listen. My job is to understand your needs and intent, as well as any aesthetic preferences, so that I can align my vision and bring any project to life.   

Lastly, this name felt right because we were looking for our own metaphorical "welcome" sign when searching for a place to call home. We were waiting for the right location to grab our attention and pull us in. We believe we found it and have already had the opportunity to meet and work with many great friends and neighbors throughout the Hudson Valley. We thank all who have supported us on this journey so far and invite everyone to reach out, drop us a note, read our blog, and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook... and we look forward to meeting all of you.