Integrating Unique Elements to Create a Personal Wedding Moment

When the mother of a bride-to-be contacted me last year to start discussing floral design for her daughter’s wedding, I was instantly intrigued for several reasons. First, they were trying to retrieve a piece of heirloom veil that had been on display at the Museum of the City of New York. Next, the bride, like me, was drawn to natural, garden style florals that were organic and wild, yet elegant with clean lines. The groom, an architect, was also actively involved, and wanted to incorporate geometric elements that reflected his style. And lastly, I had been recommended by a photographer who I had admired and followed but had not yet had the chance to work with.

While everything was so very exciting, I knew there was also a lot to live up to and expectations that must be met. I needed to find ways to integrate flowers with designs that would celebrate deep family traditions, while also bringing families together that were spread across both coasts. The look needed to be both natural and modern, reflecting the aesthetics the couple loves, while elegant and classic enough to match the venue, Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua, NY, which is full of historic charm and character. 

After months of planning and collaboration through the winter and early spring, all of the design elements came together for this very personal event. The groom designed and built a unique hand-crafted honeycomb structure that served as the backdrop of the ceremony, beautifully adorned with floral arrangements. This piece will live on as furniture for their home together, reminding them of this special occasion. While we were unable to get the veil from the museum, we did use a piece of heirloom fabric tied around the bouquet - a nice touch that added to the event.

Centerpieces were a natural, garden style design with blush, cream and a pop of peach color spring flowers. Geometric elements were incorporated into the floral designs, on the tables and hung around the room.

It was such an honor to work with everyone and be a part of their wedding day. Congrats Toby and Nick!

All photos are by Alicia King from Alicia King Photography.