At Athabold: Wildflowers in Bloom

The flowers in our meadow have just begun to open. It’s been exciting to check each morning and see a few more in bloom, as we wait for the entire patch to erupt. This weekend, I picked a few to decorate our dining room table.

The meadow is our first planting, which will continue to grow each season. This year, we planted several varieties, including 

. Varieties of Cosmos

. Amaranthus 

. Varieties of Ammi (Queen Anne's Lace)

. Varieties of Scabiosas

. Crimson Clover

. Borage

I look forward to integrating these flowers, which we grew, into our designs for a few Hudson Valley weddings in the coming weeks, as well as some arrangements I have planned for customers nearby and in NYC. I will also be using our inaugural product in some floral design workshops that I’ll be announcing very soon!