What Is Athabold?


Athabold [ˈa-TH(ə)-bōld] is a design studio and flower farm located in Germantown, NY—in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Established in 2016 by Shuheng Ji, with her husband Dan Djuplin, Athabold provides a space to work, live and play among the scenic landscape and the vibrant arts and culture scene spreading throughout the region and integrating with their work in New York City. 

The name Athabold traveled to the states with Dan’s Icelandic ancestors. While exact spelling and meaning may have changed, it has always meant “everyone welcome” to us. When we thought about how we wanted to live our lives and who we wanted to work with, it was a philosophy that fit.

Read more about the story behind our name: Every Welcome



Meet our Founder and Creative Director


Athabold evolved from Studio Shuheng Ji, which began in NYC’s West Village in 2011 as a creative outlet for its founder. Shuheng has been working with flowers for more than 10 years. As a photographer, she explored them at the macro level, documenting their complex systems, vibrant colors, and nearly perfect geometric patterns. As a designer, her eye for those most intimate details drives her desire to develop combinations that balance the elements of each individual to produce floral creations that are seasonal and stylish—and draw attention with just the right amount of balance to set the mood for any event or space.